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25 Sterile Cannula Piercing Needle

Gauge (Thickness):
Total Price: $

  • Length: 1 3/8" (35mm)
  • -: EO Gas sterilized
  • -: individually packed

European method of piercing. A cannula needle is a hollow needle that has an exterior hollow plastic sleeve.
the skin is pierced with cannula needle, then needles is taken out but the cannula (sleeve) stays in place. Jewelry is put into that plastic tube (cannula) and pulled through the piercing.

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7-Piece Lip (Labret) Or Monroe Piercing...
7-Piece Lip (Labret) Or Monroe Piercing Starter Kit, 14 Or 16 Gauge
7-Piece Lip (Labret) Or Monroe Piercing Starter Kit, 14 Or 16 Gauge
  • Material: 316L surgical grade stainless steel
  • Type: captive bead ring
  • -: priced and sold individually

Kit includes:
- sterile needle, 14 or 16 gauge
- needle holder
- small round forceps
- H2Ocean, 1.5 oz cleaning and healing sea salt solution
- captive bead ring
- needle receiving cork
- sterile alcohol swab

Captive bead ring:
- best kind of jewelry for initial piercing
- made of 316L surgical stainless steel
- sterile
- highly polished to eliminate bacteria growth
- 14 or 16 gauge
- 9/16" in diameter for comfort fit
- with 3/16" ball
Pre-Sterilized Disposable Septum Forceps
Pre-Sterilized Disposable Septum Forceps
Pre-Sterilized Disposable Septum Forceps
  • Length: 6"
  • Material: plastic
  • -: - Sterilized

Large Ring Opener
Large Ring Opener
Large Ring Opener
  • Material: 316L surgical grade stainless steel
  • -: autoclavable
  • -: opens rings up to 4 gauge
  • -: 8" long
  • -: - opens rings up to 29mm (1.14 inch)

6-Piece Eyebrow Piercing Starter Kit, 16...
6-Piece Eyebrow Piercing Starter Kit, 16 Or 18 Gauge
6-Piece Eyebrow Piercing Starter Kit, 16 Or 18 Gauge
  • Type: curved barbell

Items Included:
Pre-Sterilized Disposable Navel Forceps
Dr. Piercing's Aftercare
Pre-Sterilized curved barbell
Alcohol Swab

Quotes from Piercing FAQ


Female nipple piercings should be made at the base of the nipple where it meets the plane of the areola. The piercing should not be made behind the nipple or through the areola unless the nipple is inverted.

Migration and rejection of the piercing is usually caused by pressure on the piercing. Bras can create too much pressure on the piercing, particularly if the bra is very tight or if the wearer has large breasts. When a bra is worn the ring is pulled downwards and against the breast, creating leverage against the piercing. Depending on the shape of the breast, wearing the ring flipped up when wearing a bra often reduces pressure. Athletic bras stretch more than standard bras and are often more comfortable. Wearing nursing bras or cutting out the center of the bra cups will eliminate pressure while providing support. Bras with seams across the nipple should be avoided; the seam can easily irritate the piercing.

Many women with large breasts have found barbells much more comfortable than rings during healing. Many women who have experienced prolonged or difficult healing while wearing rings have successfully healed their piercings after switching to barbells. The barbell balls should be small enough in diameter so that they do not create pressure against the areola, which can cause the piercing to migrate forward.

Piercings made through flat or inverted nipples are more likely to migrate or reject. If the nipple is more easily pinched vertically a vertical piercing is more likely to be successful. In some cases, the nipple is more easily pinched at a diagonal, or perpendicular to the long axis of the nipple if one is present. If the nipple continues to flatten or invert with the jewelry in place, pressure is created between the skin and jewelry. Larger gauge (12 or 10) piercings better withstand pressure and resist migration. Piercings of flat or inverted nipples may be more successful when slightly curved barbells are worn. A curved barbell will eliminate pressure between the barbell balls and the areola.

The menstrual cycle may cause piercings to become irritated or more sensitive, especially during the healing period. The swelling and water retention usually associated with menses may cause the nerves in the nipple to become pinched against the jewelry.

It is not uncommon for the discharge released during healing to seep from the front of the nipple via the penetrated milk ducts.

Initial jewelry: Captive bead rings, bead rings, circular barbells in 14 to 10 gauge, 5/8 inside diameter or larger. The inside diameter of the ring should be approximately wider than the length of the piercing.


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